Fossil Ridge (North End) (DNWR)

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02/13/2014 Trip Notes: It was just another beautiful, sunny, February day in the desert. After a very rough, four mile ride up Mormon Well Road (Fig. 01), we turned east onto Gass Peak Road. About a quarter of a mile in there is a small fenced off parking area on the left side of the road. Using this as a trailhead, we headed due east (Fig. 02) out across the desert in the direction of Fossil Ridge. After a little over a half mile, past a series of hills, we ended up on the top our third saddle. Having gained approximately 200 feet in elevation, this saddle provided some nice views. The view in (Fig. 03) is looking due west, back towards our starting point. The snow topped mountain in the very center of the distant mountain range is Mummy Mountain. Turning to the right and looking due north, we were able to see the southern end of the Sheep Range (Fig. 04), with Yucca Peak just to the right of center. Turning completely around and looking slightly Northeast (Fig. 05) was the northern end of Fossil Ridge. Our goal, still more than a mile away, was the top of the ridge, just out of view in the top right of picture. Unfortunately, after another half mile, and climbing another two hundred feet up (Fig. 06), with the goal in sight, we ran out of time and had to abandon our quest of reaching the top. See the arrow in (Fig. 05). The views from this higher elevation were very nice. (Figs. 07 & 08) are looking back over the hills, saddles and washes we had to climb in order to reach this point. After a leisurely hike back to the van (Fig. 09), we drove back down to Corn Creek for lunch and spent a little time wandering around the new visitor center (Fig. 10) and walking a few of the trails. Click here for pictures of Corn Creek … Corn Creek Station - Trip Notes for 02/13/2014.
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