Category Description

Tabletop Rock Art: I had a real hard time trying to come up with a category name to classify these works and I am still not sure if I like it. I went from 'rock paperweights' to 'rock still life's' to 'tabletop rock art'. Still life art can be any commonplace inanimate object that is purposefully arranged to emphasize texture, color, and composition. Having little to no knowledge about rocks in general, I just began picking up a variety of specimens during my weekly hikes whose characteristics (unique shapes, colors and textures) appealed to me ...
Over time they began to “pile up”, occupying more and more space in our den. When my wife started referring to them as "clutter", I knew I had to either come up with some type of creative use or begin discarding them. The more I looked at them, the more I began to realize that arranging common colors, types, shapes and textures together provided some very interesting compositions that resulted in some visually pleasing still-life's. Finally, I began the process of arranging and gluing them together to create the still life's found below. I now have nine or ten still life's, some containing up to 12 individual rock pieces. If interested, detailed purchase information on each of these items can be found at ... Ken's Eco-Art Gallery.