Daytrip – St. Thomas Nevada

EP-P1050998-2This was my third visit to this ghost town with the rock-hounds from Henderson’s Heritage Park Senior Facility. On this visit I was armed with a better map showing the layout for many of the towns more prominent buildings. As a result I was better able to identify more of the exposed foundation remains. Click here for pictures and info on today’s visit … St. Thomas NV - Trip Notes for 01/16/2014. Also, we stopped at Rogers Spring, a picnic stop along Lake Mead’s North Shore Road that has a small pond that is fed by a natural hot spring. Besides some nice vegetation, this pond is filled with a variety of small fish and turtles. Click here for pictures and info … Rogers Spring. Click here to view the page I created for the turtles I found at Rogers Spring ... Painted Turtle (Chrysemys picta).