Daytrip – Potosi Mine

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Dating to circa 1851, the Potosi Mine is located 25 miles southwest of Las Vegas on the west side of the Potosi Mountain Range, and is the oldest lode mine in Nevada. We spent the better part of a day hiking around and exploring this historic site. Just before leaving the area, I spotted a Mountain Bluebird sitting on the roof of the Ranger. Nevada’s state bird, the mountain bluebird (Sialia currucoides) lives in the Nevada high country and eats insects, berries, and other fruit. Most vocal at dawn, its song is a clear, short warble similar to the caroling of a robin. The male, in the picture to the left, is azure blue with a white belly, while the female is brown with a bluish rump, tail, and wings. Click here to read all about this trip … Potosi Mine - Mt. Potosi Canyon Road.