Daytrip – New Year’s Day Hikes to Valley of Fire

EP-P1050669I started the New Year off hiking with Harvey Smith and Robert Croke on the Valley of Fire’s “2014 First Day Guided Hikes”. It was just a beautiful sunny day with temperatures in the 60’s. Because we arrived early, we hiked Mouse’s Tank and Petroglyph Canyon first on our own. This hike provided us with a little “warm’up”, as well as hundreds of ancient petroglyphs. Check it out here … Mouse's Tank. On the second hike, a 5-mile R/T hike to the Pinnacles, there were 15 other hikers in the group. Because we still had the morning sun, I was able to get some very colorful pictures like the one on the left. Check it our here … Pinnacles Hike. This is the second year in a row I’ve attended these New Year’s Day hikes at Valley of Fire and hope to make it an annual tradition.