Container Park

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(Fig. 01)
01/26/2014 Trip Notes: I visited the downtown Container Park with my friend Jim Herring, who was in town visiting from Kansas. Container Park is a retail and entertainment center partially built with recycled shipping containers that is located a block west at 6th Street and Carson Avenue, only three blocks from the glitz of Las Vegas’ Fremont Street casino corridor. It is guarded by a 40-foot tall fire-breathing preying mantis (Fig. 01) originally built for the annual "Burning Man" event in northern Nevada. It features and outdoor theater and park, several boutiques, four art galleries, two bars, three restaurants and a half-dozen small eateries, all housed in recycled and stacked shipping containers (Fig. 02). It consists of dozens of purpose-built steel cubes and actual containers centered around a plaza that is a children’s playground, complete with 3-story slides and a tree house (Fig. 03). On the opposite end of the plaza from the entrance, near a railroad caboose (Fig. 04) converted for use as an old-time barbershop, there’s an entertainment stage with a lawn of real grass. Its many restaurants and retail businesses are stacked two and three-high around the perimeter of the property (Fig. 05). With its inward-facing shopping center literally walled off from the world around it (Fig. 06), it is a self-contained bubble of safe, clean fun where one can escape from the neighborhood’s rough-edged reality.
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