Redstone Loop Trail/Picnic Area (Summary Page)

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This page last updated on 04/17/2018
Redstone Loop Trail
MAP-Pinto Valley Wilderness Area
(Fig. 01)
(Fig. 02)
02/07/2013 Trip Notes: Looking for something different here, I decided to head into the valley, west of the designated trail. Not only did this hiking off the beaten path provide me with some nice landscape views like the one in (Fig. 02) above, it presented me with some unique rock formations that provided the opportunity for some interesting captures (Figs. 03 thru 05). To me, the image in (Fig. 05) looks like the head of a crocodile with his jaws spread wide open. 
(Fig. 03)
(Fig. 04)
(Fig. 05)
11/15/2012 Trip Notes: A few of us headed across the road and hiked northwest around a large outcrop. Even though we did not find anything unique worth taking a picture of here, I did come across a dragonfly in a small wash area that posed long enough for me to capture a picture (Fig. 06). Eventually we crossed over the road again, approaching the main area from its northern end. This provided us with a nice view looking down on our van and the parking lot (Fig. 07). Climbing down from this ledge, we headed east, back into the monoliths, before heading to the parking area. On the way we found a “baby elephant” (Fig. 08). We also passed a rocky cliff that appeared to have several “haunting faces” carved into it by the effect of erosion over hundreds of years (Fig. 09).
(Fig. 06)
(Fig. 07)
(Fig. 08)
(Fig. 09)
03/14/2012 Trip Notes: We stopped here with my sister Bonnie and her husband on our way to the Valley of Fire State Park. Paul just loved the rock formations and snapped away non-stop for nearly 40 minutes. Additional pictures to those shown below were added to the slideshow at the bottom of the page. SPECIAL NOTE: I was sad to see that the tree in the picture below titled "Lone Survivor" that was taken on a previous trip appeared to be trampled to death and no longer exists.

01/20/2011 Trip Notes: This was my second visit here with the rock hounds from the Heritage Park Senior Facility. Though I had stopped here before to take pictures from the road, this was the first time I took the time to walk the trail and found it quite interesting.

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