Bank of John S. Cook & Company - Rhyolite NV

Polyptych Description: This is the remains of the Cook & Co Bank in Rhyolite, NV. The Bank of John S. Cook & Company was first established in 1905 by John S. Cook, as a private bank, and with a capital of $50,000. Constructed in 1907 at a cost of nearly $90,000, the three-story John S Cook & Company Building was located on the southwest corner of Golden and Broadway (Ramsey Corner) Streets and was the tallest building in town. Completed and opened for business in January, 1908, the first floor housed the J S Cook banking corporation, which was shortly absorbed by the First National Bank of Rhyolite, Nevada. It had two vaults, marble floors imported from Italy, mahogany woodwork, electric lights, telephones, and inside plumbing.Brokers' offices utilized most of the second and third floors, while the town’s post office occupied the basement. The post office was the last business to leave the town in 1919. This polyptych shows some of the detail of the once magnificent building. It also shows the sidewalk that ran down the street in front of the entrance (lower right). The (lower left) picture shows the remains of the Jewelry store that was attached to the building. This is without doubt the most photographed building in Rhyolite. Unfortunately, this is all that is left of the building 112 years later.