Catclaw Acacia (Acacia greggii)

(Fig. 01)
Description: Catclaw Acacia (Acacia greggii) (Fig. 01) is a perennial, deciduous shrub/tree can grow up to 23 feet, so usually less. Its natural habitat is desert and upland areas. Its pale yellow or cream flowers are densely clustered on cylindrical flower spikes. The flowers are sweetly and intensely fragrant with a wonderful floral honey-like scent. Plants in full bloom can be smelled from 10 feet (3 m) or more away. It's flowers are known to attract butterflies and numerous other insects, especially bees. The flowers are followed by up to 6 inch long, flat, curled, green seedpods that dry to a dark brown color. The leaves are green, alternate, and bipinnately compound with oval leaflets (Fig. 02). The branches have wickedly sharp, curved, cat claw-like thorns that can easily scratch skin and snag clothing. Close encounters with this plant can leave you looking like you were in a cat fight. It flowers in spring, summer and fall. 
(Fig. 02)