Trip Notes for 01/18/2016 (Duck Rock Trail)

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(Fig. 01)
01/18/2016 Trip NotesOn this visit Robert Croke, Ron Ziance, Blake Smith and myself headed out to the Valley of Fire state park for another hike of the Duck Rock Trail. This time we reversed the direction of the hike. We headed out to Duck Rock on the old two track dirt road on the right in the map (Fig. 01). Here is the view looking due north when we reached the end of the dirt road (Fig. 02). After turning east and then again heading north, I captured the following pictures of Duck Rock as we approached it from the south (Figs. 03 & 04). After climbing around the "duck", we headed up the wash on the path toward the petroglyph site. As we hiked the wash we found some patches of green moss (Fig. 05) and several rocks covered with lichen (Fig. 07) that we had not observed on the previous hike. Because there were several pictures of the petroglyph panel on the previous page, I didn't had any more here. As we approached the "water tank", refer to (Fig. 02), in the wash our the return (Fig. 06), it was evident that there had been some heavy rains the week before. There was at least two more feet of water in the main tank as evidenced by the pictures in the comparison (Fig. 08). The smaller tank down wash from the main tank was surrounded by some very interesting patterns (Fig. 09) in the sand that had been created by the flow of the water during the rain. After converting it into a black & white picture (Fig. 10), it almost appears like molded cement. We were quite surprised by how many different things we noticed and different views we had missed on our first hike. All-in-all it was another great hike.

(Fig. 02)

(Fig. 03)
(Fig. 04)
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