Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve–Trip Notes for 05/23/2015

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05/23/2015 Trip Notes: Today, Blake Smith and I decided to choose this location for one of our early morning hikes. Even though we both have been here on previous occasions, it is always a great place to take a peaceful walk, away from the sights and sounds of the city. Located within the Water Reclamation Facility, its nine ponds (Figs. 02 & 04) sit on approximately 140 acres and are home to thousands of migratory waterfowl as well as numerous resident desert birds. It is located on the eastern edge of the Pacific Migratory Flyway and many of the birds that come here are only temporary visitors. Regardless of the season, you can always find a wide variety of birds and waterfowl. Over the past several years, the city has done a great job of planting many flowering trees and shrubs (Figs. 03 & 05) that continue to add some beauty and color to the complex. In addition to dozens of cottontail rabbits (Fig. 06), today’s visit produced sightings of Gambel’s quail, morning doves, American avocets (Figs. 07 & 13), a Double Crested Cormorant (Fig. 08), a Black Crowned Night Heron (Fig. 09), some male and female Mallards (Fig. 10), some Canada Geese (Fig. 11), a male Northern Shoveler (Fig. 12), and a male Yellow Headed Blackbird (Fig. 14), and many more that I was unable to photograph. I give credit to Raymond Healey, one of our fellow rock-hound hikers who works at the preserve for helping me identify the birds in these pictures.
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