Daytrip to Nipton California in Search of the Lucy Gray Mine

EP2-P1110363Today’s daytrip took us to Nipton in search of the Lucy Gray Mine. Shortly after arriving we heard a train approaching from the north (Las Vegas) heading south. I grabbed my camera and began taking photos. Click here for pictures and info on the Union Pacific Railroad … The Union Pacific Railroad Crossing at Nipton, California. After unloading the Rhino, we crossed the road and began heading north, following the Union Pacific rail bed. During the course of the next four miles we encountered three instances of desert tortoises crossing the road. Click here for more information and pictures … Desert Tortoise Finding Near Nipton, California. When we reached the railroad signal station, we turned east, passing through an open gate and over a cattle guard. The trail then heads in a northeast direction up an alluvial fan into the hills to the mouth of a large gully, and eventually the old Luch Gray mining camp and the Lucy Gray Mine. Click here for pictures and information about the mine … Lucy Gray Mine. During this process I also put together a page on the Ivanpah solar electric energy plant located just west of Nipton. Click here for pictures and information on this facility … The Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating Plant.