Daytrip – Crystal Wash Rock Art – Entrance Site

EFP2-P1100986On 04/09/2015 I traveled with the rock-hounds from the Henderson Senior Center to the Crystal Wash Rock Art Site past Alamo Nevada, about 110 miles north of Las Vegas. Even though the driving distance made for a long day, It was a beautiful sunny day and made for a wonderful hike. Of the seven petroglyph sites in this general area, this was actually the only one that I had yet to visit. This particular rock art site is actually divided into two areas; the Crystal Wash Entrance Site and the Crystal Wash Main Site. The following link will take you to the page with pictures and information on today’s hike … Crystal Wash Rock Art - Entrance Site. Click her for pictures and information on my previous visit to the Crystal Wash Main Site … Crystal Wash Rock Art - Main Site.