The Cabins Petroglyph Site (Summary Page)

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This page last updated on 10/11/2017
(Fig. 01)
Area Description: “The Cabins” (Fig. 01) are located just a couple of miles inside the east entrance to Valley of Fire State Park near Overton, Nevada. Etched into the dark patina covered cliff side behind the cabins, there is only one panel containing a couple dozen glyphs. For more information on this area go to … Valley of Fire Trip Notes for 06/28/2012.
Petroglyph Information: Even though there are several sandstone cliffs here that contain a dark patina, only the one located directly behind the cabins has any petroglyphs. As you can see from the pictures in (Figs. 02-04), many of the glyphs here are quite abstract in nature if not downright strange. There are however, a couple of zoomorphs, “sheep-like” figures as seen in (Figs. 05 & 06). For more information on who may have created these glyphs, go to the page … Mouse’s Tank Petroglyphs.
(Fig. 02)
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(Fig. 04)
(Fig. 05)
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