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(Fig. 01)
Area Description: It should be noted that this petroglyph site is not to be confused with the Hiko Springs in Lincoln County. This Hiko Springs is located a short distance off Hwy 163, not far from the Grapevine Canyon site and the city of Laughlin, Nevada. For a more detail description of the site and my visit here, go to … Daytrip - Hiko Springs Rock Art Site.

Petroglyph Information: Considering the number of unique petroglyphs found here, it seems  amazing that very little is written on the Internet about this site. Unless you have a 4WD vehicle, I would advise parking just off the highway and walking the 0.8 miles down a very sandy wash to reach the site. Overall, this site seems to have essentially, many of the same rock art designs that can be found at the prolific Grapevine Canyon site, located only 4 miles to the north. The petroglyphs here are also pecked into vertical cliffs of granitic rock (Fig. 01) that are covered with the dark patina called desert varnish. Because the formation of desert varnish is a very, very slow process, it suggests that the etchings found here are quite old. Though the close-up (Fig. 02) of the picture in Figure 01 clearly shows what appear to be several symbols of “hands”, the majority of the glyphs (Figs. 03-06) found at this location contain abstract designs, very similar to those at Grapevine Canyon. There are however, a couple of examples of recognizable “sheep-like” figures (Figs. 07 & 08).
(Fig. 02)
(Fig. 03)
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(Fig. 06)
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(Fig. 07)
(Fig. 08)
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