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This page last updated on 02/10/2019

Overall, this index lists more than 100 day trips and hiking locations in, around, and beyond Las Vegas. Getting out into the desert and experiencing its solitude, wide open spaces, its color and light, can provide one with memories that can't be duplicated anywhere else.  As there are only about seven primary roads that lead away from the city of Las Vegas, I have chosen the route numbers of these roads and their general direction as the title heading for daytrips located within a specified area. Clicking any of the titles below will take you to another page with a brief description and additional links to each specified hiking area. NOTE: Some of the locations listed here may fall into the "Roadtrip" category and require an overnight stay when visiting from the Las Vegas area.

1-IndexMAP - Urban Las Vegas-2Urban (Local) Vegas Valley Daytrips: Eight daytrips listed for this area include: Wildlife Habitat at Flamingo, Clark County Wetlands Park, Floyd Lamb Park, Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve, Duck Creek Trail, Springs Preserve, Sunset Park and Lorenzo Park.                
10-IndexMAP - US-95 North Towards Mt Charleston & NDWR-2

US-95 (North) Towards Mt. Charleston, Desert National Wildlife Refuge, Bullfrog Mining District and Beatty Area: Fifteen daytrips for this area include: Corn Creek Station & Yucca Peak Fossil Beds at DNWR; Bonanza Trailhead at Cold Creek, Mt. Charleston Scenic Byway, Bristlecone Trail, Desert View Overlook, Deer Creek Picnic Area, Fletcher Canyon Trail, Robber's Roost, Cathredral Rock, Mary Jane Falls, Kyle Canyon Slots and Little Falls Trail; Rhyolite, Fluorspar Canyon, Gold Ace Mine.

2-IndexMAP - I-15N Towards Mesquite-2I-15 (North) Towards Mesquite: This highway corridor runs along the western side of the Muddy Mountains. Three daytrips for this area can include: Bitter Springs Road and Buffington Pockets, Weiser Ridge and Mine, Arrow Canyon, Logandale Trails, St. Thomas and Valley of Fire, Gold Butte.                 
8-IndexMAP - US-93N Towards Pioche & Spring Valley-2

US-93 (North) Towards Pioche & Spring Valley: From petroglyph sites to abandoned ghost towns, there are dozens of unique hiking locations along this stretch of highway, though due to distance, some should be turned into Roadtrips. Eleven daytrips listed for this area include: Pahranagat National Wildlife Range, Shooting Gallery Rock Art Site, Ash Spring Rock Art Site, Crystal Wash Rock Art Site, Delamar Ghost Town, Kershaw-Ryan State Park, Rainbow Canyon Scenic Drive, Caliente, Cathedral George State Park, Pioche and Spring Valley State Park.

4-IndexMAP - NV-159 Towards RRCNRA-2NV-159 (West) Towards Red Rock Canyon NCA: This area is loaded with dozens of hikes. There are eleven daytrips listed here, including: Calico Basin, Red Spring Picnic Area, Calico I & II, Calico Tanks, Sandstone Quarry, White Rock Loop, LaMadre Springs, Lost Creek Falls, Pine Creek Canyon, Red Rock Overlook, and the Blue Diamond Trails.                         
5-IndexMAP - NV-160 Towards Pahrump and Death Valley-2

NV-160 (West) Towards Pahrump and Death Valley. Within the links listed here there are more than twenty daytrips listed for this area including: Old Spanish Trail, Late Night Trail, Mount Potosi Canyon Road, Rainbow Spring Road, Lovell Canyon, Lovell Summit Road, CC Spring Road, China Date Ranch, Trout Canyon, Wheeler Pass Road, Ash Meadows National Refuge, and Death Valley National Park.

7-IndexMAP - NV-167 Northshore Drive-2NV-167 (East & North) Lake Mead Northshore Road (LMNRA). Thirteen Daytrips for this area include: Lower Las Vegas Wash, Lava Butte & Rainbow Gardens, Gypsum Cave, Anniversary Mine & Narrows, Bowl of Fire, Northshore Summit Trail, Redstone Loop Trail, Rogers Spring, Valley of Fire State Park, St. Thomas NV and the Overton Museum.

6-IndexMAP - NV-166 Lakeshore Drive-2

NV-166 (East & South) Lake Mead Lakeshore Drive: Four daytrip stops for this area include:  The Las Vegas Bay Scenic Overlook, Three Island Scenic Overlook, 33-Hole Scenic Overlook, Rocky Point Scenic Overlook, Long View, Sunset View Overlook, Boulder Beach, Las Vegas Boat Harbor and Marina and the Alan Bible Visitor Center.

9-IndexMAP - US-93S Towards Kingman AZ-2US-93 (South) Towards Boulder City & Kingman Arizona: Six daytrip stops for this area include: Hoover Dam, the Mike O'Callaghan - Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge, Liberty Bell Arch, Arizona Hot Springs, Chloride Arizona, the Roy Purcell Murals and Cherum Peak.

11-IndexMAP - US-95S Towards Laughlin-2

US-95 (South) Towards Searchlight & Laughlin: There are more than 13 daytrips for this area including: Keyhole Canyon, the Eldorado Mines, Nelson’s Landing, the Highland Range, and the Ireteba Peaks. Off NV-164 (Nipton Road) there is the Walking Box Ranch, Wee Thump Joshua Tree Wilderness Area, Crescent Mine and the town of Nipton, California. Off  Cottonwood Cove Road there is the Ireteba Peaks and Cottonwood Cove Marina. Further south off of Christmas Tree Pass Rd is the Bridge Canyon Wilderness Area & Grapevine Canyon and the Spirit Mountain Wilderness Area, the center of creation for all Yuman speakers, and is sacred to several Native American tribes of the region.

3-IndexMAP - I-15 Towards Jean-2I-15 (South) Towards Jean, Goodsprings and Sandy Valley: The Goodsprings Mining District encompasses almost this entire area and contains dozens of old abandoned mining sites, many of which in and of themselves, can each constitute separate daytrips. Eight daytrip stops for this area include: Goodsprings, Yellow Pine Mines, Aztec Tank, Potosi Mountain, Sandy Valley Road mines, Goodsprings Mining District mines and the Sloan Canyon Petroglyph Site.