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This page last updated on 04/14/2017

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General Description: Cottonwood Cove is situated at the banks of Lake Mohave on the Nevada-Arizona border in Clark County, Nevada, just 13.5 miles east from the center of historic Searchlight, NV. Lake Mohave is approximately 67 miles long and is backed by the Davis Dam about 26 miles downstream at Laughlin, NV. Part of the Lake Mead National Recreation Area administered by the U.S. National Park Service, it is the site of the Cottonwood Cove Resort and Marina (see below).
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04/14/2017 Trip Notes:
Today Jim, Connie and I took a drive to the marina in search of wildflowers. Even though it seemed like we were a little early, we had pretty good luck. Click here for pictures and a description of this trip ... Cottonwood Cove Wildflower Visit,

05/02/2013 Trip Notes: I made a lunch stop here with the rock-hounds from the Henderson Heritage Park Senior Center after a foiled hike to the Ireteba Peaks Wilderness Area. Because this was my third visit here; two this year and one back in 2010, I decided to create this page. Pictures show here were taken from all three of my visits here. Further exploration here on this latest visit revealed more than a dozen relatively short trails along the banks of the river leading from both ends of the cove. Several of us started hiking the trails on the northern end, but had to turn back after only going a short distance due to 40-50 mph wind gusts that nearly blew us off the edges of the sandy cliffs. The views in (Figs. 01 and 02) are looking south, back towards the marina. The views in (Figs. 03 and 04) are facing north towards some coves that we could have hiked to had it not been so windy. On my next visit, I will definitely hike some of these trails further up the river.
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03/26/2013 Trip Notes: On a recommendation from one of my weekly hiking partners, my wife Connie and I took a drive here to try and find some spring wildflowers in bloom. I was actually quite surprised by the number of flowering plants and cactus that covered the desert areas on both sides of this road, all the way down to the cove. Probably the most obvious were the flowering Desert Yuccas. These were abloom everywhere you looked. Click here to read more … Mojave Yucca (Yucca schidigera). Next were the many flowering cacti (Fig. 05), the most prolific of which were the Beavertail Cactus (Fig. 06) with their deep, brilliant red-to-lavender flowers. Click here to read more … Beavertail Cactus (Opuntia basilaris). There were so many flowers in some areas (Fig. 07), that they made the desert floor look like an “artist’s palette”, laden with color. You can see close-up shots of many of these in the collage in (Fig. 08).
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The Cottonwood Cove Resort and Marina: Cottonwood Cove Resort offers you motel room lakeside accommodations (Fig. 09), a full-service RV park and nearby campground facilities. Visit the waterfront Cottonwood Cove Cafe for breakfast, lunch or dinner - they're located right at the marina, only a few steps from the Motel or your houseboat. Lake Mohave boasts high water levels year round and offers hundreds of secluded beaches – many accessible only by boat or houseboat. The full service marina (Fig.10) offers everything from houseboat and powerboat rentals, to repair and supplies. You can rent a fishing or ski boat or a personal watercraft (Fig. 11) for a few hours, a day or a week. Houseboat rentals are available from 2 to 7 or more days and are available in 3 sizes and 6 configurations. Fishing on Lake Mohave is excellent due to the many varieties of game fish available and naturally occurring species, such as Cutthroat, Rainbow, German Brown Trout, Largemouth Bass, Catfish, Crappie, Blue Gill and Perch.
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