Annual “Cadillac Through the Years” Car Shows

Cadillac Through The Years
(Fig. 01)
Over the past few years I have attended three or four of the annual Cadillac car shows that have been held in and around Henderson and the Las Vegas area; sometimes with and sometimes without a camera in hand. For those shows where I have had a camera, I try to capture groupings of images that I can later turn into collages. The collage in (Fig. 01) was created from a series of grill shots I captured at the 2012 event. Scroll down for more pictures and notes on each of these events. Be sure to view the slideshow at the bottom for all the pictures I captured of these beautiful cars.

2013-04-13 12.25.57
(Fig. 02)
8th Annual “Cadillac Through the Years” Car Show:  On 04/13-14/2013 I attended the eighth annual “Cadillac Through the Years” car show held at the Town Square in Las Vegas. Because we decided to sell “Betsy”, our 1992 Cadillac Sedan DeVille (Fig. 02), I even joined the Las Vegas chapter of the Cadillac LaSalle Club and paid for a spot to exhibit and admire for one last time. With more than 100 Cadillac's dating back to as far as 1903, the 100+ array of vehicles on display attracted thousands of fans and admirers. There was everything from a 1940 Series 75 Fleetwood owned by billionaire Howard Hughes and a 1948 Series 62 Saoutchik Cabriolet (Fig. 03), one of only two ever produced and valued at $3 million. A 1954 Fleetwood limousine (Fig. 04) used often by Marilyn Monroe, and fellow actresses Janet Leigh and Ann Sheridan. Figures 05 thru 09 represent collages I created of Cadillac model names and insignia's  hoods and ornaments, grills and headlights, wheels, and taillights and fins. This weekend event marks the second year at Town Square, though I liked it much better when it was held at the District at Green Valley Ranch. Even though I didn't sell “Betsy” here, I was able to sell her a couple of weeks later.

Saoutchik Cabriolet
(Fig. 03)
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1954 Cadillac Limo
(Fig. 04)
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2013 Cadillac Insigias
(Fig. 05)
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2013 Hoods & Ornimates
(Fig. 06)
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2013 Headlights & Grills
(Fig. 07
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2013 Cadillac Wheels
(Fig. 08)
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13-Taillights & Fins
(Fig. 09)
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7th Annual “Cadillac Through the Years” Car Show: On 03/25/2012 I attended the seventh annual “Cadillac Through the Years” car show held at the Town Square in Las Vegas. Even though I didn’t take a lot of pictures at this event, I did capture enough of what was my favorite car, a 1917 Cadillac Type 55 Phaeton, shown in the polyptych (Fig. 10) below.
1917 Cadillac
(Fig. 10)
5th Annual “Cadillac Through the Years” Car Show: On 03/28/2010 I attended the fifth annual “Cadillac Through the Years” car show (Fig. 11) that put Cadillac's 108 years of rich, artistic history on display at the The District at Green Valley Ranch. There were more than 70 classic Cadillac’s on display. My favorite was the 1938 in (Fig. 12) below. As with any type of show there are always a few "standouts".  I was so busy taking pictures, that I forgot to get the information on this beautiful convertible (Fig. 13). I think it is a 1952. I thought It was one of the best in the show.
2010 Cadillac Show
(Fig. 11)
1952 Cadillac
(Fig. 12)
1952 Cadillac-2
(Fig. 13)

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Slideshow Description: The slideshow above contains 194 pictures that were taken at the last three Cadillac car shows that I attended.