Bellagio’s Botanical Garden – Spring Display

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(Fig. 01)
04/29/2013 Visit Notes: This year’s spring exhibit is titled, “Spring Celebration” and features a huge, fully operational 26-foot tall windmill mill (Fig. 01), reminiscent of those found in the flower fields of the Netherlands. It is surrounded by an array of fresh mums, poppies and tulips. Keeping in mind that spring’s the time when butterflies emerge from their cocoons, more than 800 of the winged creatures flutter inside a purpose-built 50-foot long glass greenhouse (Fig. 02). Besides being able to view the butterfly activity through the window panes (Figs. 03 thru 08), visitors can witness the transformation from pupa to butterfly thanks to TV cameras that transmit the live “action” to several large monitors. Through May 11, the conservatory will feature rotating flower displays, with nearly 8,300 plants in bloom at any one time. To add touches of whimsy, for which the gardens are famous, 17-foot-tall tulips and 22-foot-tall daffodils help herald the new season, while huge mushrooms and ladybugs cover the ground (Fig. 09). Glistening, oversized “raindrops” (Fig. 01) sprinkle “April showers” onto the gardens near the windmill, while oversized butterflies fill the skies over the remaining parts of the display area (Figs. 02 & 09). The flowers in (Figs. 10 thru 13) are but a sampling of the more than 8,300 plants in bloom throughout the gardens. Be sure to view the slideshow at the bottom of the page for more pictures.
(Fig. 02)
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