Lake Mead Lakeshore Scenic Drive (Summary Page)

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This page last updated on 04/16/2018
(Fig. 01)
Lakeshore Drive
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Lakeshore Drive Directions

Lakeshore Drive Description:
This scenic drive travels about 12 miles along the west side of Las Vegas Bay at the southern end of Lake Mead, running between the parks two southern entrances – the northern on at the end of Lake Mead Drive and the southern one off US-93S. Refer to the map in (Fig. 02). I have seen this road referred to with as many six different titles [Nevada 166, SR-166, Highway 166, Lake Shore Drive, Lakeshore Scenic Drive and Lakeshore Road]. Approaching from the north and driving south, there are several scenic stops, most with restrooms and shaded picnic tables. Approaching from the southern end and driving north you will find the Alan Bible Visitor Center, the trailhead for the Historic Railroad Trail, the Las Vegas Boat Harbor and Lake Mead Marina, the Lake Mead RV Village and Boulder Beach, the LV Water Intake Tunnels and the Lake Mead Fish Hatchery. Unlike the lake’s Northshore Road (SR-167), this stretch provides constant panoramic views of blue Lake Mead set against a background of colorful rugged mountains, making it one of the best places to picnic, fish and hike along the shores of the lake.

Due to the number of pictures and amount of information on each of these stops, I decided to create three additional postings for this area. Click the links below to view each of these new pages. Furthermore, I have placed a slide show at the bottom of this page that contains pictures from all of my stops along this scenic drive..
Lakeshore Drive (Part I) - LV Bay Overlook to 33-Hole Overlook: This page provides pictures and descriptions of Las Vegas Bay Overlook, Rocky Point Overlook, Three Island Scenic Overlook and 33 Hole Overlook. Each of these stops provide views overlooking the Las Vegas River, Las Vegas Bay and Boulder Basin. The 33 Hole Overlook takes you out to what is known as Pitch Fork Cove, and has trails that lead you to the tip of a very large peninsula where many people go to fishing.
EP-P1050018Lakeshore Drive (Part II) - Long View Overlook to Sunset View Scenic Overlook: This section provides pictures and descriptions of Long View Overlook and Sunset View Scenic Overlook. These two stops offer some of the best landscape views of the lake and its surrounding mountains. If you head west across the road at Long View Overlook, you can hike a wash deep into the River Mountains. Both of these locations offer restroom facilities.

E-P1010655Lakeshore Drive (Part III)- Boulder Beach to the Alan Bible Visitor Center: This section provides pictures and descriptions of Boulder Beach, Las Vegas Boat Harbor and Lake Mead Marina and the Alan Bible Visitor Center. The Boulder Beach location lets you dip your feet into the lake’s chilly waters. The boat harbor and marina provide the opportunity to feed the many ducks, birds and fish that hang around the area. You can also find food and restroom facilities here. The newly renovated visitor center is surrounded by an outside cactus garden, with walking trails, that is filled with desert flora and fauna. Inside are displays, movies and a gift shop with dozens of books on the southern Nevada desert. 

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