Chloride’s Most Famous Truck

Chloride Car
A visit to the defunct mining town of Chloride Arizona will provide you with numerous opportunities to view examples of some quite funky homemade yard art. Some front yards showcase collections of bottles, cowboy boots or license plates, while others are full of old farm and mine machinery. Though many of these are quite unique, I found this very unusual antique truck parked outside of a bar on main street to be the most interesting find. Its owner, who look to be as old as the truck, was sitting in a chair on the outside porch of the bar jawing with a fellow patron. Though I didn’t see it drive in, I know it runs as we observed it at another location while we were driving around town. In a brief talk with the owner, he noted that he paid $127 dollars for it when he was a junior in high school. If you take a careful look you will find that it is decorated with dozens of items including a fireman's hat, two canteens, U.S. Military ammo boxes, military gas cans, a funnel oil can, a mining lights, two gold panning pans, a shovels, hydraulic jack, two shifters, horseshoes, and a variety of decorative flowers, beads, trinkets and several American Flags.