Daytrip - South Cove, Arizona

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On 02/08 Harvey Smith, Bob Croke, Jim Herring and I took a ride to South Cove in Arizona for a picnic and day of hiking. The Pierce Ferry Road to South Cove and Pierce Ferry Landing is 52 miles long, starting from US 93 half way between the Hoover Dam and Kingman. This interesting drive passes by much dramatic scenery and several places of interest.
Beyond the town of Doland Springs the road climbs into the White Hills and then across the Hualapai Valley as you enter one of the largest stands of Joshua trees you will ever encounter. At South Cove there is a picnic area with covered picnic tables, grills and stone outhouses, and a boat launch. This cove is located in the middle of an area of Lake Mead known as the Gregg Basin and has some of the best water at the east end of Lake Mead. Glass conditions are almost guaranteed in the morning and expected in the late afternoon due to its protection from the surrounding mountains. Click here for pictures and a description of this trip ... South Cove & Pierce Ferry Landing.