Techatticup Mining Camp - Trip Notes for 05/27/2017

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(Fig. 01)

05/27/2017 Trip Notes: I came here with my cousin John for the expressed purpose of taking pictures. Over the years this was our second visit to this unique site. As they are always adding additional buildings, old cars, and hundreds of early 1900's era antiques, the photographing opportunities never disappoint. Trying not to duplicate pictured captured on previous visits, here is a sampling of pictures we captured today. Taken on a previous visit, the picture in (Fig. 01) is of the original general store and visitor center. The pictures in (Figs. 02 & 03) are of a 'restored" gas station and garage. As we toured the property, it seemed that he has added sever more old cars and vehicles (Fig. 04). As you can see from (Figs. 05 & 06), the entire property is surrounded by a Bajada filled with thousands of [Jumping Cholla (Cylindropuntia fulgida)] cacti. Look at the photo in (Fig. 05) and see what I did to it by turning it into a "tiltshift" picture and adding a "blue" sky to the washed out sky. [Eldorado Valley TiltshiftThe owner even erected a reconstructed "arch-way" that stands as an entry into the desert. (Fig. 07). Over behind the general store there is a "reconstructed" mine entrance that leads to nowhere (Fig. 08). Here is an old, 1878 Straube vintage piano built in Chicago, that has seen a better day (Figs. 10 &11). (con't below)
(Fig. 02)
(Fig. 03)
(Fig. 04)
(Fig. 05)
(Fig. 06)
(Fig. 07)
(Fig. 08)
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(Fig. 10)
Visit Notes Continued: On the way home, we spotted a Turkey Vulture (Cathartes aura) sitting on a cliff on the side of the road. We got out and walked back to get some pictures. Finally he flew off the cliff and began to circle the area. It took us a while but eventually we finally figured out what he was after. There was a dead rattle snake in the middle of the road that had been run over by a car. See the collage below (Fig. 12).

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