Wild Horses at Goodsprings Valley

(Fig. 01)

Picture NotesToday I made a trip with Jim Herring and Harvey out to Aztec Tank and a ride up Pauline Road on the west side of Goodsprings Valley. About halfway out, after a very rough ride up Pauline Mine road, we came across a group of 12 wild horses. This was the largest grouping I have ever encountered. I think there are nine in the picture in (Fig. 01). It was pretty amazing how close they allowed us to get to take pictures. I think the horse in (Fig. 03 & 06) was the leader of the pack. He was the only one that whinnied when we got too close. We counted at least four foals in the pack. The one in (Fig. 09) looked like he was barely walking like he may have only been a few days old. 
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