Cottonwood Cove Wildflower Visit

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This page last updated on 04/14/2017

(Fig. 01)

04/14/2017 Trip Visit: Every couple of years I try to make a drive down the 13.5 mile long Cottonwood Road that runs to Cottonwood Cove Marina on the banks of Lake Mohave in search of wildflower pictures. This year my friend Jim Herring accompanied Connie and I. Because the flowering of wildflowers and cactus differs each year depending upon the weather, rain and temperatures, getting the timing right is always a wild guess. In 1913 Connie and I went on March 26th  and had great luck. Last year I visited with Jim and we didn't find any. Even though we seemed a little early for this year, we had pretty good luck. Most of the cactus had yet to bloom. The Joshua trees usually bloom between late February and April, and showed none; though some years they don't bloom at all. Many of the flowers and bushes we observed had lots of buds that had yet to open. Globe mallow, seen in the collage above (Fig. 01) were very abundant and seemed to be everywhere. There we only a handful of Beavertail Cactus like those shown in the college in (Fig. 04). All in all we had a good day and got the pictures shown below.
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