Bellagio’s Botanical Garden - 2016 Winter Holiday Exhibit

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This page last updated on 02/09/2017
(Fig. 01)
Last week I made another of my annual pilgrimages with my friend Jim Herring to the latest exhibit of Bellagio’s Conservatory and Botanical Garden, titled “2016 Winter Holiday Exhibit. As every year, "tis’ the season to deck the halls" inside Bellagio’s Conservatory and Botanical Gardens.
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Glistening snowflakes, a family of arctic animals and festive ornaments, North Pole elves, a 45 foot white fir, glass snow globes, and more charm guests in a winter wonderland, now through January 3, 2017.

Down the center of the display there is a 30 foot long, elaborately designed arched covered walkway (Fig. 01), flanked on each end by two 14-foot animated toy soldiers (Fig. 02) that robotically rotate in unison. As you exit the tunnel, in the center west bed you are in "awe" of a nearly 45-foot tree covered with thousands of lights and more than 2,500 colorful ornaments being applied by two elves on ladders (Fig. 03). (con't below)

(Fig. 02)
(Fig. 03)

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Suspended in the overhead are a half dozen huge ornaments that must be 10-14 feet in size. Both sides, the tree is flanked by a blanket of thousands of poinsetitas, several elves and two train-like cars entering tunnels titled, "the North Pole" (Figs. 04 & 05).
In the north garden on the right of the exhibit there is a 12-foot Jack-in-the-box (Fig. 06), flanked by two huge, 8-foot diameter glass globes that stand 12 feet high, each showcasing a classic winter scene (Fig. 07).

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In one globe, three carolers stand next to a bench and light post as they rejoice and sing carols of the season. A live camera mounted to a mechanical toy train travels through the bed capturing special moments shared between family and friends, which are displayed on a nearby monitor (Figs. 07 & 08). Above, there are four 10-foot stockings stuffed with wrapped trinkets hanging from the ceiling. (con't below)
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 In the south garden on the left, there is an artic scene with with a mother polar bear made of 12,000 white carnations and a pair of twin cubs with more than 5,000 carnations each, playing among the icebergs (Figs. 09 & 10). Joining the polar bears is an inquisitive family of six penguins (Fig. 11).  Suspended high above the Conservatory and surrounded by intricate snowflakes, and an illuminated 10-foot by 4-foot moon keeps watch over the polar bears and penguins day in and day out (Fig. 12).
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