Daytrip - Ghost Mining Town of Delamar, Nevada

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On 09/23/2016, Robert Croke and I drove to Delamar Valley to meet up with Harvey Smith for a trip out to the 124 year old ghost town of Delamar. It was an absolutely beautiful day that provided us all with a unique exploring experience. We spent the better part of a day riding and hiking around the remains of this once huge town. At one time this gold mining town boasted more than 1,500 residents, a hospital, opera house, churches, a school, several businesses and many saloons. It has been written that more than $15 million dollars worth of gold was produced from 1892 to 1909. As gold production slowed, many of the town’s residents moved on to the new boom town of Tonopah, Nevada. In 1909 all of a sudden, Delamar died an abrupt death when the veins of gold ore suddenly tapped out and the operation was closed. Click here to view the pictures and a description of today's visit ... Delamar Nevada - 09/23/2016 Trip Notes