Las Vegas Springs Preserve - 05/11/2016 Trip Notes

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05/11/2016 Trip Notes: On this visit to the Las Vegas Springs Preserve, I was accompanied by Bob Croke and Jim Herring. Featuring museums, several galleries, a colorful botanical garden and a 2.25 miles interpretive trail system that meanders through a scenic wetland habitat, I tried to provide them with a quick overview of this huge 180-acre facility. We started out by touring the Origen Museum. The name "Origen" was derived from two words: original and generations, this museum is the interpretive focal point for history at the Springs Preserve. It features more than 75 permanent exhibits, an indoor theater and traveling exhibit space. We wandered and explored its connecting galleries and watched a film that provided historical recreation of the areas' history. When we exited here we decided to hike their trail system before it got too hot. You can see the route we hiked on the map in (Fig. 02) above.  Even though there wasn't a lot to photograph along this hike, there were the remains of three of the once 13 remaining derricks (Fig. 03) that stood over "wells" scattered about the property. There were also several collapsed buildings that once covered some of the many "open springs" that dotted area (Fig. 04). We also found the remains of the caretaker house that housed railroad workers that maintained the 13 wells scattered about the area. There was also a restored chicken house that remained from the farming that once occurred here. Near some of the more wetter areas we did capture some pictures of some dragonfly's (Figs. 05-07) and a couple of Snowy Egrets (Fig. 08). After hiking about a mile and a half, we decided to "cool down" by having lunch at the Springs' Divine Cafe located on the top floor above the gift shop. While eating lunch out on the deck (Fig. 09), not only was there was a lovely cool breeze, it provided some nice views of the grounds (Fig. 01) above. (con't below)

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(Fig. 04)
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Visit Notes Continued: After lunch we walked over to the butterfly habitat an the botanical gardens located on the eastern end of the property (Fig. 02). Click here to see some of the butterfly pictures I took on my last visit in April ... Springs Preserve  (Butterflies & Birds). Even though many of the plants and flowers seemed to be in bloom (Figs. 10-13), it still appeared to be too early for most of the cactus. I only saw one cactus that had any blooms on it (Fig. 14). Click here for more pictures of flowers taken on my last visit in April ... Springs Preserve (Spring Flora Blossoms).  Because our allotted time had quickly run out, we had to head to the parking lot, leaving plenty to see on a future visit. Because the Nevada State Museum is closed on Tuesday and Wednesdays, we weren't even able to visit it.

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