Northshore Road Hikes

E-P1030280-2This week the rock-hounds from the Heritage Park Senior Center made several stops along Lake Mead’s Northshore Road. Our first stop was at the end of the Anniversary Mine Road off of Northshore Road at mile marker 16. This location provided hikes along the Lovell Wash to the old Anniversary Mine and the slot canyon at Anniversary Narrows. The following link will provide you with additional links to each of these areas … Lovell Wash (Anniversary Mine & Narrows). Our second stop was a lunchtime visit to the Redstone Loop Trail and picnic area … Redstone Loop Trail/Picnic Area.  Our last stop was at the Northshore Summit Trail. Even though this was a very short hike, it provided some very nice views of the surrounding area.  Click here for trip notes and pictures for this hike … Northshore Summit Trail.