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This page last updated on 05/27/2017
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Corn Creek Station Cover
MAP-Corn Creek Station
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For more information on Corn Creek: You can watch a 17 minute movie on the DNWR at this site ... Movie on Desert National Wildlife Refuge.

05/27/2017 Trip NotesToday, Jim Herring and I visited Corn Creek Station for a short afternoon visit after going to the Paiute Powwow at Snow Mountain. morning outing. Because of a lack of rain, it was quite dry. Click here for pictures and information ... Corn Creek Station (DNWR) - Trip Notes for 05/27/2017.

04/21/2017 Trip Notes: Today, Jim Herring and Harvey Smith and I visited Corn Creek Station for a morning outing. When we go there we found out the Visitor Center is closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. We then decided to drive Glass Peak Road in search of Glass Spring and a guzzler at the end of Quail Spring Road. Click here for pictures and information ... Gass Peak Road - Trip Notes for 04/21/2017.
07/01/2016 Trip Notes: Went here today for a short morning hike with Bob Croke and Ron Ziance. Click here for more pictures and information ... Corn Creek Station - DNWR - Trip Notes for 07/01/2016.
04/04/2015 Trip Notes: Went here today for a morning hike with my neighbor Blake Smith. Click here for more pictures and information ... Corn Creek Station (DNWR) - Trip Notes for 04/04/2015.

02/22/2014 Trip NotesThough I was hoping to have the time to capture more pictures of birds and other wildlife, the vast number of people that showed up for the grand opening prevented that from happening. I did, however, capture a few interesting shots. Click here for more pictures and information ... Corn Creek Station (DNWR)- Trip Notes for 02/22/2014.

02/13/2014 Trip Notes: While the primary goal of today's visit with the rock-hounds from the Henderson Senior Facility was to hike to the top of Fossil Ridge on the east side of Gass Peak Road, we made a quick lunch stop at Corn Creek Station. Click here for more pictures and information ... Daytrip Update - Corn Creek Station (DNWR).  

04/11/2013 Trip Notes:  Click this link for pictures and info abut this latest stop at Corn Creek Station ... Daytrip Update - Corn Creek Station - DNWR.

03/01/2013 Trip Notes: Today I visited this area for the fifth time with my friend Harvey Smith. Because it was just a short stop on our way deeper into the wildlife range and the Sheep Mountains (Fig. 01), I captured relatively few pictures here. The good news was that they have finally finished all of the construction projects relating to the pond and the trail system (Fig. 02) that have been going on here for the past couple of years, which has included the addition of trail signs, several interpretative plaques (Fig. 03), and seating areas for bird watching.  The bad news is that they still have more than a year to go on construction of a new visitor center. Unfortunately, it was still a little early to see any of the spring bloom that makes this area come alive with color; eventually turning it into a true bird oasis. We walked around the new trail system, including going to the end of the Whispering Ben trail, upper right corner of (Fig. 02), that dead-ends at some ancient limestone mortars (Figs. 04 & 05) found nearby that were used by some of the areas earliest inhabitants. The next picture (Fig. 06) is a White-crowned Sparrow  I captured on our way out near the parking lot. (Click the link to learn more) The final day's picture here (Fig. 07) is looking west towards the Mummy Mountain and the Spring Mountain Range.
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04/19/2012 Trip Notes: With only five months left till completion of the trail system, it appears that there is still a lot work to be accomplished here. I still didn't like the look of the "new" pond and am still hoping they do some additional landscaping to make it look more natural. Though they still have to finish clearing a lot of dead brush, the lengthening of the main trail and the addition of a couple of new ones seemed to be a nice improvement.
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(Fig. 08)
This oasis is filled with a wide variety of trees, plants and desert shrub (Fig. 08), however, it appeared that it was still too early in the season as many were only in the early stages of budding and beginning to bloom. It was also quite evident that this year’s lack of rainfall was having a very negative effect (Fig. 11). I noticed several areas that were nearly “bone dry” (Fig. 10), where upon previous visits they were quite saturated or contained standing water.  This is a great place to do some birding, however, without a powerful telephoto lens, most flutter back and forth in the tree tops making them very difficult to capture (Figs. 09 & 12).
(Fig. 09)
(Fig. 10)
(Fig. 11)
(Fig. 12)
Just as “Buster” and I entered the northern portion of the Birdsong Trail, refer to (Fig. 02), we saw off in the distance what appeared to be a large Blue Heron fly across the sky in front of us as we were looking towards the Spring Mountain range (Fig. 13). Naturally, he was long gone by the time I readied my camera for a shot. The next shot (Fig. 14) is looking east towards the Sheep Mountain Range.
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(Fig. 13)
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(Fig. 14)
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09/01/2011 Trip Notes:  I visited Corn Creek for the third time this year on another daytrip with the rock hounds from the Heritage Park Senior Facility. At the time of our visit, they were about four months into a 15 month construction project, the first major improvement there in decades. The project includes construction of a 11,000 square-foot visitor center with exhibit space, as well as administrative offices and a new maintenance building. When completed in late 2012, the project will include enlarged parking areas for visitors and employees, new signing for trails and rehabilitation of disturbed landscaping. Funding for the $7 million project comes from the Southern Nevada Public Lands Management Act. Though far from completion, I must admit, that I didn't like the "new" pond. I certainly hope they do some additional landscaping to make it look more natural. The good news was that I did get a few more pictures to add to this post and to the slideshow at the bottom. Notice the bee in the  Angel's Trumpet (Fig. 15). The next picture (Fig. 16) is a  Flame Skimmer Dragonfly that I found near the north end of the pond. In the next two pictures (Fig. 17 & 18) I captured some bees sucking on nectar from a large Yellow Spine Thistle.
(Fig. 15)
(Fig. 16)
(Fig. 17)
(Fig. 18)
To read more about this plant, go to the following page ... Yellow Spine Thistle.

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04/07/2011 Trip Notes: We made a brief stop here on our way to Mt. Charleston. This time around there was a lot more construction, dredging and clearing being done on the pond and some of the trails directly behind the parking area. Unfortunately, all of this work seemed to 'scare' away a lot of the birds.

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02/03/2011 Trip Notes: I first visited Corn Creek Station on 02/03/2011 on a daytrip with the rock hounds from the Heritage Park Senior Facility. Because it was only February, it was very cold and there were only a few scattered birds around the property. There was actually "ice" in a few places along the creek areas (Fig. 19). They were getting ready to divert the creek so they could begin work on dredging the main pond area.
(Fig. 19)

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