Notes on Recent Site Maintenance

06/17/2019 - Began making updates to slide shows no longer working by converting them to OneDrive. Started with by adding to Neon Museum, Smith Center and Lou Ruvo Center.

06/11/2019 - Made a variety of updates and corrections including some changes to the tabs across the tops of the pages.

02/10/2019 - Added a new tab titled "Pics by Location"

02/10/2019 - Deleted the tab for "Slideshows" 

03/27/2018 - Created a page for placing pictures side-by-side (2000 February 1st)

02/03/2018 - Organized where to store Reference pages and ReadMore pages for easy retrieval.
For year 2017 - Use July 1st (45) to store INDEX (Indices) for CATEGORIES
For year 2000 - Use January (8) to store TEMPLATES
                       - Use February 1st (13) to store (5) REF pages & (9) ReadMore
                       - Use March 1st (15) to store CHAPTERS of Book

01/20/2018 - Added a section on my Samsung S8 Phone Camera as a fourth camera to the "Equipment" tab.

01/15/2018 - re-titled tab to "Special Pics"

01/12/2018 - I deleted the "RoadTrips" tab and combined this info into the "DayTrips" tab and re-titled it "DayTrips/RoadTrips".

01/09/2018 - Updated the info in the new "DayTrips/RoadTrips" tab.

01/07/2018 - Created more Indices and added them to the "Pics by Subject" tab.

12/27/2017 - I updated the "Site Introduction" on the home page. I also made needed year-end changes and updates to the "Recently Added Pages" on the home page.

12/27/2017 - I updated, renamed and rearranged some of the Tabs across the top of the site. The new "Pics By Subject" tab that contains an consolidated alphabetical list of all the indices that can be found on this site. It also shows the number of pages that can be found on each of the listed subjects along with the date the index was last updated. The new "Misc Pics" tab shows photos of textures, effects & unusual compositions; methods for taking pictures; photos of people and portraits; and special project pictures.

12/27/2017 - In the process of updating the tabs I also edited and update many of the associated post, correcting mistakes or making them more accurate.

12/12/2017 - Started the process of converting slideshows from Cincopa to OneDrive. I updated the following pages:
      Grand Canyon Railway - 2009 - 09/13/17  [SS] Photography
    Grand Canyon National Park - South Rim - 2009 - 09/17/17 - Photography
    Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument - PDF - 2010 - 8/13/17  [SS] - Photography
    Wupatki National Monument - 2009 - 8/20/2017 [SS] - Hiking-Photography
    Grand Canyon National Park - North Rim - 2009 - 8/16/17  [SS] - Hiking-Photography

10/22/2017 - Made update to add the Daytrip - The Las Vegas Strip to appear on the index page for the

10/22/2017 - Made updates to the index of ALL HIKES Listed by Previous Year and Month ...     

10/01/2017 - Stopped using Cincopa when I realized I had to pay a monthly fee for using their slideshows.

08/14/2017 - This required me to review and update all of the folders that I was using to backup and store slideshows on both my E:/Working Pics and I:Master Backup.

08/13/2017 - Created two slideshows on Cincopa. I then embeded them into two Roadtrip pages;
   PDF - Wupatki National Park, AZ - 2009 - 8/13/17 - Hiking-Photography [SS] 
             PDF - Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument, AZ - 2010 - 8/13/17  [SS] - Hiking-Photography

08/12/2017 - Began addressing the problem that Google retired Picasa. Even though I can still access my Picasa Web Albums data, including your tags, captions, and comments, at the Album Archive. Unfortunately neither Google Album Archive nor One Drive allow you to embed slideshows. As a result I had to find a site/program that could to this. The result was Cincopa.

08/06/2017 - Made updates to the page "Recently Added Pages" and the page "Listed by Previous Year and Month" page.

08/06/2017 - Added five new pages to the "Polyptychs - Index & Description (13 posts)" listing on the "Photos by Subject" tab

08/05/2017 - Added a new listing to the "Photos by Subject" tab titled, "Pareidoila Pictures - Index & Description (5 posts)" 

08/05/2017 - Added a new page to this category titled, "Examples of Pareidolia"