Daytrip - Mineral Park Ghost Town

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On 05/30/2019, Jim Herring and I visited here and hiked the area looking for old mines and ruins. Mineral Park is now a ghost town that was once a mining town in the Mineral Park valley of the Cerbat Mountains in Mohave County, Arizona. The Mineral Park mine is a large open pit copper mine located near the base of the Cerbat Mountains 14 miles northwest of Kingman, Arizona. Mining in the area began in 1871 and a camp was established soon after. It closed for the last time in 1912. As of today, much of the remaining few ruins and foundations, including the town's cemetery, remain within the property of the new (open pit) mine that was started in 1963.  In December 2014 the mine closed as the company filed for bankruptcy. Click here to see pictures and learn about this trip ... Mineral Park Ghost Town & Mines.