Connie's Visit from his Brother Rick

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Week of 05/26/2018 Visit: This year Connie's brother surprised her with a four day visit from Florida. The night he arrived we had a lovely dinner at Sammy's Woodfired Pizza and Grill, with an up-scale stylish setting and a relaxing decor and innovative menu. After some catching up, we took Rick back to the Hampton Inn in Henderson. The next day we decided to have lunch at the revolving Top of the World restaurant on the 106th floor of the Stratosphere Casino (Fig. 01). Besides the outstanding food, more than 800 feet above Las Vegas Blvd, it provides views of the Las Vegas valley that can’t be found in any other Las Vegas restaurant. As none of us had ever eaten here before, our excellent lunch was truly a memorable experience that none of us will soon forget. While you dine you get to watch people "drop" from the Sky Jump two floors above. It is the highest controlled free fall in the world, and sends you jumping off the 108th floor at a scream-inducing speed. Just after taking their last step, they plummet through the sky 855 feet, or the equivalent of 108 floors as they rush past your table (Fig. 04). (con't below)

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On Thursday we spent the day at our place. He met our friend Jim Herring (Fig. 06) and his dog Scooter (Fig. 05). Jim brought Scooter over because we were going to be 'house sitting' him while Jim traveled to Wichita Kansas to visit his daughter over 4th of July. After an afternoon of getting to know everyone, I prepared on of my favorite chicken dishes for dinner, Grand Marnier Lemon Chicken. On Friday, continuing our eating binge, we decided to take a trip to Pahrump to have lunch at Symphony's, their Zagot award wining restaurant. Prior to dinner we took a guided tour of the winery property and its production operation (Figs. 07 thru 10). Symphony's up-scale casual restaurant that serves both lunch and dinner on white linen clothed tables, in a very quiet, elegant atmosphere. The fine food is beautifully served and well worth the trip to the winery all by itself (Fig. 11) We ate in the closed-in outside patio that provides a lovely, relaxing view. The picture in (Fig. 12) shows a side view of the building and its glassed-in porch. To learn more about this winery visit here ... Pahrump Valley Winery.

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