Pitman Wash - Visit Notes for 05/19/2018

(Fig. 01)
05/19/2018 Visit Notes: Once we got down into the wash and walked towards the south side we we came upon a steady stream of water that was running down the wash (Fig. 01). It ranged from only a few feet wide to areas that were more than 25 feet. As we walked further down the wash we came to an area referred to as the "pond" that actually had several birds like this Killdeer that were taking advantage of the excess water (Fig. 02). To read more about this bird click here ... Killdeer -(Charadrius vociferus). With a group of people this large it is difficult to get pictures of birds or animals, so I walked more than 40 to 50 feet ahead of the group. As a result I came upon a grouping of ducklings that no one else in the group ever got to see (Figs. 03 and 04). As I walked along the stream there were dozens of dragon flies and damsels skirting from bush to bush, but never seemed to land long enough for me to get a picture (Fig. 05), unlike my hiking partner Bob Croke who got a great picture of a damsel (Fig. 06). As we walked along the trails we got to see a variety of trees, shrubs and bushes, many in full bloom (Figs. 07 and 08).  At one point someone in the group spotted a tiny frog (Fig. 09). Before the end of the hike it started to get quite hot. We finally took advantage of one of the benches scattered throughout the wash while we listened to our leader biologist Larry Lodwick (in red) discuss the surrounding trees (Fig. 10).

(Fig. 02)
(Fig. 03)
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(Fig. 05)
(Fig. 06) courtesy of Bob Croke

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