Daytrip - Antelope Canyon - Page, Arizona

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Back in October of 2009, my wife Connie, neighbor Marc Resnic and I took a trip to Antelope Canyon. To get the most out of our visit, we split up; Connie and Marc toured the 'upper' canyon and I toured the more difficult 'lower' canyon. While the Navajo call this canyon "the place where water runs through rocks," most tourists come to know the upper section as the Crack, and the lower as the Corkscrew. During a discussion with several hikers at a breakfast in June with the Henderson Rockhounds, I later realized that I had never created a dedicated blog page for this trip. Hence, the following new page that includes 20 of the better pictures taken at Antelope Canyon. Click here for a page link with a description and pictures ... Antelope Canyon - Page, Arizona.