Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve - 03/16/2017 Visit Notes

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(Fig. 01)
03/16/2017 Trip Notes: This is a great place to visit if you want to enjoy some peace and quiet and to view a wide selection of birds, waterfowl and some nice scenic views like those found in (Figs. 01 & 13). After signing in at the little office, I began walking the trails that circled its 8 ponds. Its two miles of trails run past two bird blinds, a pier like lookout that runs into one of the ponds, and a two-story observation deck that provids an overview of the entire preserve. Even though I was there early, around 7:00 am, there was not an abundance of birds. I did observe dozens of rabbits (Fig. 02) and an abundance of ducks and waterfowl (Figs. 03-05), and numerous Canada Geese (Figs. 06, 07, 08, & 12). (Con't below)

(Fig. 03)
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Notes continued: Towards the end od my walk, I reached the pond with the wooden pier. In addition to several grouping of various waterfowl, there were more than a half dozen American Avocet (Recurviostra emericana) (Fig. 09). The American Avocet is unique among North American birds. In summer it can be found in temporary and unpredictable wetlands across western North America where it swings its long upturned bill through the shallow water to catch small invertebrates. Around lake shores and tidal flats, especially in the wide-open spaces, flocks of elegant American Avocets wade in the shallows (Figs. 10 & 11). They often feed while leaning forward, with the tips of their bills in the water and slightly open, filtering tiny food items from just below the surface. Sometimes a flock will feed this way in unison, walking forward, swinging their heads rhythmically from side to side.

(Fig. 09)
(Fig. 10
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