Summer Projects

This summer's oppressive heat has severely limited my outdoor hiking and activities. As a result, I've been spending some of my time, reviewing my Blog Site, fixing broken links, correcting page errors and making some needed improvements. Hopefully they will make perusing the site more enjoyable.

I then started concentrating on a manuscript project titled, "Rock Art of the Nevada Great Basin" that I started nearly a year ago and had put aside. Though I still have a few chapters yet to write, it is nearly 90% complete. I recently finished one of its longest chapters,  "Rock Art Sites in Nevada's Great Basin". This chapter provides a list with hyperlinks to my Blog and the 26 rock art sites I've visited over the past three years. Because many of you have shared some of these hiking experiences with me, I thought some might be interested in "revisiting" these pages and "reliving" some of these trips.

p.s. Clicking the link at the bottom of the page will take you to the "Table of Contents" page, allowing you get a "peek review" of the working manuscript.