Daytrip – Long Lee Meadows

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This page last updated on 10/02/2017 
(Fig. 01)
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(Fig. 02)
Directions: From US 95 northwest of Las Vegas, take SR 156 southwest for 18 miles into Lee Canyon about 2 miles before the end of the road. You can't miss it. Long Lee Meadows is on the right. You can park along the side of the road here.
10/01/2015 Trip Notes: Lee Canyon is one of the major canyons on the east side of Mount Charleston, and the Lee Canyon Road (156) provides easy access to a number of hiking and birding sites. Though this meadow may not be a daytrip destination by itself, it makes for a nice morning hike. At elevation 8,450 elevation, Long Lee Meadow is in the Yellow Pine Forest zone, an can provide easy hiking and good birding when there aren't too many people picnicking. The meadow is divided into two areas, Lower Meadow (Fig. 03) and Upper Meadow (Figs. 01 & 04). We parked at the southeast end of Lower Lee Meadow and hiked up the meadow following the tree line to what is known as the Upper Lee Meadow. At the upper end we hiked up to the Lower Bristlecone Trail and hike down dirt road to Lee Canyon Road and then looped back the opposite along the road to the Lower Lee Meadow. Refer to the yellow line on (Fig. 02) marking our route. I was surprised at how dry and parched the area seemed to be and was actually hoping to see more plants & vegetation, such as that found in (Fig. 05). In summary, the beautiful day provided some nice vistas (Fig. 06) and made for a fitting ending to our morning hikes.
(Fig. 03)
(Fig. 04)
(Fig. 05)
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