Daytrip – Gold Butte Petroglyph Sites

EP-P108021209/30/2014 Trip Notes: Ever since our first visit here back in February, I have been looking forward to a return visit. Research of the area since our last visit indicated that Gold Butte is one of the richest petroglyph sites in the state of Nevada. Because the area is so vast and the terrain is so rugged, it takes quite a while to reach some of the better sites. Our drive and hike to and find the Khota Circus Petroglyph site took us the majority of the day. As a result, we only had enough time to visit just one more site, the 21-Goats site, before we had to begin our return home. The good news is that these two petroglyphs sites are outstanding. Click here for pictures and information on these sites ... 21 Goats Petroglyph Site and Kohta Circus Petroglyph Site.