Daytrip – Black Canyon and Lake Mojave

EP-P107061107/22/2014 - My friend Jim Herring and I decided to spend the day boating through Black Canyon on Lake Mojave. This is something I have had on my to-do list for a couple of years. After reaching the Willow Beach Marina, we began the process of renting a boat for our days journey. We decided upon renting a 17' Campion 60 hp motor that seamed ideal for doing a little lake exploring and cruising around the lake’s many secluded coves. We began our journey by heading upriver towards Hoover Dam. Even though this was a “boating” trip and not a hike per say, there are several stops along the river that allow for a variety of hiking opportunities. One that we chose today, the Arizona Hot Springs, is perhaps the most popular. To check out the pictures and information on this spot, go to the following page on my blog … Black Canyon and Lake Mohave.