Ralph Latorre’s Going Away Party

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What can we say to Kelly Marks. Allow me to say that your magnanimous gesture of friendship was truly appreciated by everyone. Not only did you and your lovely wife and children provide all of us with the perfect opportunity with which to thank Ralph for his always gracious friendship and wish him a successful bon voyage, you gave Ralph an afternoon full of memories that he will cherish for many years to come. Thank you all so much!
2x2 KenPlayingTo Ralph, I hope the photo collages below will provide you with warm remembrances of your special afternoon. When you get back to New York with your family, may you use these to reflect on some of the good times you had here and bring back warm memories. May you know that I have always considered your friendship as an extension of my father who passed away more than 19 years ago. Because I was so busy taking pictures of everyone else, I foolishly forgot to capture one of myself. Just so you don’t forget my ugly mug, I decided to add the shot at the right. With warm memories, Ken.
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