Wild Horses at Cold Creek – Triptych Number III

Cold Creek Colt
On 04/19/2012, I visited Cold Creek with the rock-hounds from the Henderson Heritage Park Senior Facility for the fourth time in two years and got some more great pictures of the wild horses that roam the area. On this visit we were witness to sightings of more than 30 horses, three of which included sightings of young foal. I grouped what I thought were three of the better pictures from one of these sightings into this triptych.

Markings on horses usually occur on the head and are distinctive white areas on an otherwise dark base coat color. Most horses have some type of markings that help to identify the horse as a unique individual. These markings are present at birth and do not change over the course of the horse's life. There are as many as a dozen common facial markings that are usually described by their shape and specific location. A white marking between or above the eyes is called a “Star”.