The Carousel

Carousel Horses
The 2012 spring exhibit, titled Spring Celebration, at the Conservatory and Botanical Gardens at the Bellagio Casino on the Las Vegas Strip showcased an 11-foot tall, fully operational replica of a 16th century carousel. Weighing more than 8,600 pounds, this carnival favorite is adorned with 330 clear bulbs and is topped with colorful acrylic balloons containing murals depicting Italian scenes.E-P1110353 Its seven beautifully colored, hand painted horses, bobbed freely up-and-down, waiting to take the imagination of passersby on a fantasyland adventure.

The term carousel comes from the French word carrousel and from the Italian word carosello, or merry-go-round. This amusement ride consists of a rotating circular platform with “seats” usually in the form of one or more rows of intricately carved, brightly painted wooden horses mounted on posts which are moved up and down to simulate galloping. Other popular names are the galloper, roundabout and flying horses.