Desert Sunflower (Geraea canescens)

Picture Notes: Traveling with the rock hounds from the Henderson Heritage Park Senior Facility, I captured this picture on 02/10/2011 at one of the many pull-offs along Lake Mead's Lakeshore Drive. It was located on a small divider in the middle of the parking area.

Description: The Desert Sunflower (Geraea canescens), is also known as the desert sunflower, hairy desert sunflower, or desert gold. This annual yellow sunflower-like flower head grows on the end of a slender, hairy stem. It grows 1-3 feet high. The sparse, gray-green, ovate, leaves grow to 3 inches long and have toothed margins. Its two-inch, golden-yellow flower head is composed of 10 to 20 oblong rays surrounding a golden disk. It grows in sandy, barren desert flats and roadsides below 3,000 feet. It blooms February through May and sometimes, with moist summers, again October and November. It can be found in the Sonoran and Mojave deserts of southeastern California to southwestern Utah and south to Arizona and northwestern Mexico. P1010941-2