The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

The Cosmopolitian

After four years of construction, the $3.9 billion, 2,995-room Cosmopolitan opened in December to much applause from everyone. The property also includes two 52-story towers. Connie and I explored it back in February of 2011 and, after touring the inside of the property for nearly two hours, were quite impressed. It certainly has a unique ‘feel’ when compared to most Las Vegas Casinos. In fact, because of its unique design, being built on a relatively small foot-print everything is built upward instead of spread out like most Vegas casino properties, leaving you with the feeling that you are not even in a casino. We were quite impressed with the design and layout and really liked it.

P1000793Probably one of its most noted features is the three story crystal chandelier. With seating for more than 500 guests nestled within its shimmering strands of 2 million beaded crystals. The first floor of blends effortlessly into the casino itself and features a DJ and is devoted to intricate specialty cocktails. The second floor provides the most exclusive experience, serving drinks with molecular garnishes delivered tableside from a modern bar cart. The third floor, overlooking the entirety of the casino, exudes femininity and offers yet another take on creatively infused cocktails. Floral elements like rose, violet and lavender essences are used to make a mix of classic and modern drinks such as the Violet Femme, a gin and elderflower cocktail rimmed in violet sugar with edible violets.

Background Info: Before construction even began, engineers had to deal with an underground river that flowed beneath the property to the tune of some 80,000 gallons a day. In order to accommodate its 5-story underground garage, Initial excavation went down 10 stories below the Strip, with slurry walls thick enough to stand on their own. Original plans called for the casino to be on the second floor, but this was later changed and the casino was built on ground level, like most other Las Vegas hotel-casinos. Due to the decline in the economy, the planned condo units were cancelled and replaced with studios and other hotel rooms.The multistory design now includes a casino on the ground floor with access to the Strip and restaurants, entertainment and shops on upper floors, and three pool areas overlooking the Strip on the fourth floor.