Thundercloud Purple Leaf Plum (Prunus cerisifera)

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(Fig. 01)
Picture Notes:  These pictures were taken the third week in February in our front yard that runs between the adjacent buildings just outside the deck of our apartment (Fig. 02). Try this in New England in February. It's like we have two "Spring" seasons every year here. One between February and March and another between April and May. These ornamental trees are spread throughout the property and are absolutely beautiful.

(Fig. 02)

Description: The common name for this tree is Thundercloud Purple Leaf Plum (Prunus cerasifera). This plum has new foliage which unfolds as ruby red, then reddish-purple for the rest of the growing season. It produces small, white to light pink, fragrant springtime flowers that appear before its leaves unfold (Fig. 03). Its spring blossoms attract bees. It is then followed by a heavy crop of edible, one-inch-diameter purple fruits which attract a variety of birds and squirrels.

(Fig. 03)