Daytrip To The Goodsprings Mining District

EP-P1030465This past week Harvey Smith and I headed out to Goodsprings once again to explore some mines located in the southern end of the Spring Mountain Range, south of the town along the west side of NV-161. This portion of the Goodsprings Mining District is filled with dozens of prospects, mines, shafts and adits, many of which are 400 to 500 feet up on steep mountain sides. Because they are further from town, combined with the difficulty of reaching some of these locations, many of them still have remains and equipment that hasn’t been picked clean, allowing one the opportunity to better envision how these mines actually functioned more than 100 years ago. We spent the better part of a day exploring this area and merely scratched the surface as it relates to all there is to see here. Click to learn more about this exciting area … Goodsprings Mining District (South).