Desert Rorschach

Desert Inkblot

Image00001The basis for this image was a photo (right) taken inside the Wee Thump Joshua Tree Wilderness Area off Nipton Road, west of Searchlight, Nevada.  To create the image I converted the photo to a Black & White. I then cropped it down to just the huge Joshua Tree in the middle of the photo.
E-P1070364-P1070365-3Next, used various color functions in my editing program to darken the shadows and boost the contrast to end up with a near solid black silhouette of the tree against a white background. I then painstakingly used the cloning function to remove everything in the image but the tree itself. This left me with the black & white image shown on the left. Finally, I used my scrapbook program to cut the tree in half by cropping it. I then made a copy of the crop, reversed it and pasted it together with the original crop to give me the ‘inkblot’ look above.