Holiday Spirit

Bellagio Xmas
Each year the Bellagio’s Conservatory & Botanical Gardens unveils a spectacular holiday display filled with picture-perfect botanical creations that transports one into a world filled with magical winter wonders that truly evoke the holiday spirit, and this year is no different.
Upon entering the Conservatory, you are confronted with a brick-lined path surrounded by pink and red poinsettias, inviting you to stroll underneath eight streams of dancing water and two pergolas adorned with sparkling white lights. In the Giardini corner at the rear of the exhibit is a floral greeting card made of more than 3,000 carnations, bestow well wishes for the holiday season.
This year’s majestic centerpiece is a stately 42-foot Shasta White Fir decorated with more than 1,700 gold and silver holiday ornaments and ablaze in more than 13,500 twinkling white lights. Beneath the holiday tree, floating ornaments bobble along a lazy river, enclosed by thousands of bright-red poinsettias.

Overhead, 24 over-sized gold and silver bells hang gracefully from the Conservatory’s all-glass ceiling. It is a spectacular site that must be seen to be enjoyed.
E-P1090203 Though they have had penguins in the past, new to the display this year, is a group of five animated penguins that ice skate on a patch of arctic terrain among a life-like family of 34 adult and baby penguins. An animated penguin examines the construction blueprints for an igloo “in progress” while another is hard at work as it moves blocks of faux ice between its flippers.

The north side of the garden contains a scene of family bonding that includes a trio of topiary polar bears adorned with “fur” coats made of more than 35,000 hand-applied white carnations. A whimsical five-car toy train, equipped with a live webcam that projects if views on a flat screen travels a circular track in the midst of three of the most beautiful illuminated white trees. These trees are lighted in a way that makes them appear to be covered in ice. Absolutely beautiful.

This exhibit is on view
through Jan. 2, 2012
Don’t miss it!
The winter exhibit within Bellagio’s
Conservatory & Botanical Gardens
is complimentary to the public
and open seven days a week
24 hours a day.

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