Daytrip - Pioche and the Highland Mining District

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On 05/03/2016, Bob Croke and I made the trip to Pioche Nevada to visit Harvey Smith and his friend "P. Rob", a long-time local resident. The main goal of today's visit was to do some 4-wheeling around the valley and Highland Range located behind the town of Pioche in search of some of the areas' old gold and silver mines. We drove for about 4.5 hours and covered nearly 25 miles. Out of the 26 mines that made up the Highland Mining District, we got to explore five of them, leaving plenty for another visit. Click here for pictures an a description of these mines ... Highland Mining District near Pioche NV. We also spent some time looking at some of the mines in the town of Pioche, and some of their more sell known historic building. Click her for pictures and information on the town of Pioche ... Pioche NV - Summary Visit Page